ansi love by warpus
ansi love by warpus
include ansilove.h
static void
fprintfstdout, SYNOPSISn
ansilove -dhiqrsv -b bits -c columns -f font
-m mode -o filen
-R factor filen
static void
fprintfstdout, AnsiLove/C s - ANSI / ASCII art to PNG convertern
Copyright c 2011-2019 Stefan Vogt, Brian Cassidy, and
Frederic Cambus.n, VERSION
int mainint argc, char *argv FILE *messages NULL /* SAUCE record related bool types */ bool justDisplaySAUCE false bool fileHasSAUCE false /* analyze options and do what has to be done */ bool fileIsBinary false bool fileIsANSi false bool fileIsPCBoard false bool fileIsTundra false wa
ansi love for the love of the block
a warpus feat. tk ANSI