In the HEART of the RETRO JUNGLE lie the incredible BLOCK ARTIFACTS that we HUNT for. JOIN our EXPEDITION if you DARE! Join our LEGACY!
Welcome to the FIRST ART PACK release of LEGACY KREW. Our family of
creatives will bring you some of the most amazing ANSI, ASCII, PETSCII,
and PIXEL art masterpieces. LEGACY has scoured the globe via the
INTERWEBS and BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS of yesteryear to produce an ultimate
collective of artists. We hope to satisfy the retro thirst of the
UNDERGROUND SCENE and to provide you an enjoyable viewing experience.
What is a LEGACY? Its something transmitted by or received from a
predecessor from the past. Several of our members have over a decade of
experience drawing oldschool ANSI/ASCII, C64 PETSCII, and PIXEL
art. We hope to thrive and inspire NEW artists to learn and enjoy
these art forms that weve kept alive throughout the past 20+ years and
to continue to build upon our LEGACY.
If youd like to be a part of our adventure as either a MEMBER or
contribute as a GUEST, we are happy to have you join us. You can
contact us via email at or via our other social
Facebook Fan Page:
Discord Server:
We are still designing and developing our group website and will be
launching at the start of the NEW YEAR. Where can you get a hold of our
art packs? You will always find them on the SIXTEEN COLORS website - and on every single one of our OUTPOSTS BBS hosts.
All of our packs will be prefixed with LGCY.
It was an amazing turn out for the debut of our first LEGACY pack.
Wed like to thank all of our NEW members to the group along with all of
the GUEST artists who contributed and collaborated on submissions. We
would like to express our appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the
work that everyone has done to make this first pack a success.