Termite Terrace by iodine
Termite Terrace by iodine
the termite terrace
it is the only night of the year
the year after the world decayed
only millions remain,
even fewer are sane
the born never knew of the decay
the old never saw it coming,
the world became a playground
for what the devil wanted to do,
god is dead, satan is alive,
nobody even aware of what is happening,
where is god, where is life,
where is thought, where is play,
where is the source,
where could they be,
what has become of us,
the answer is too far away,
a n d
if we came within a foot of
finding the answer,
we might not like what we find,
the music stopped,
the wind became foul,
and the people died,
without an answer
the people wonder around,
not knowing what is
that took their young,
and their old, their loved,
their possesions and all else,
god is dead,
and satan is more than alive,
they worship him without knowing
of what once was god,
they find the last hope in him,
for a world has become
what nobody expected, nothing,
after the decay,
nobody wanted to face the truth,
and satan showed them
the lie that they wanted to hear,
they always wanted to find
a new way of living,
looking for something else
to worship
something else to lead them on
to another great lie,
not even satan can think of a lie
that will keep these people alive
in their minds
when the world decayed,
so did the people,
and there is nothing
that even satan can do to stop it