i l l n e s s .. m o d d i n g .. c r e
2 set4!
obv/twoo .. april 15th, 1995 .. obv/twoo Here
is set four in my little collection of oblivion/twoo menu sets, rele
ased under illness modding crew! feel free to use this set o
n your board, you can change the colors, you can use the font
, whatever you want is cool, as long as you dont change the a
ctual ansi, and please keep my name SOMEWHERE in the menus.
as long as people dont start to rip me off, ill probably be m
aking more in the future under illness, so look for them and stuff...
ugh, well, if you have questions or comments, reach me on hum
a, at 619.485.6741, thanks! -LordJazza