LAZARUS 12 NFO by warpus,mx,MFS
LAZARUS 12 NFO by warpus,mx,MFS
every generation needs a hero
every disco needs some funk
- hanes , -
In dolby digital 1/0 mono Illegal in two Polish voivodeships
2020.12.21 not feat. filth as a member
On The Origins of Discofunk 1974 and the Lazarus Quartet,
From the Unpublished notebooks of Lester Bangs, Addict of Obsure Drugs + Critic of Obscure Music
For all the myth and hype surrounding Discofunk 1974 and the Lazarus Quartet, the Canadian Carnival that rose
to freaky fame and fortune in 1974 was less the result of cosmic slop and instead long hard road of relentless
peristence and lots of drugs. Discofunk first formed the Lazarus Quartet as a Doo-Wop group in Chatham-Kent.
They played school dances and rec center hoggers. He called them The Lazarus Quartet because he knew he would be
dead w/ out them.
The tracks are all simmering and pulsating largely from a combination of Flewids wackadoo drum work and Mel
Farrs reckless synth lines. But tracks like You Aint Amish so lets fu*k Tan Leather and a demosplash
of your love owe their brilliance to Pinguinos 3 goose-guitar, which honks way more than a guitar should be
able to.
Producer more importantly, breakdancer sIMONKING mixes in reverb and greasy beats. Even with too many
sha-la-la-las on tracks like were all out of fuel and thats our legacy! and they aint your girls,
theyre Mister Girls the groove remains intact, if only because of the incredible Ocarina work of tHE sILENT
kILLER. Of course, its hard to find a lot of faults with a record so consistently on the verge of not sucking.
But then, the best was yet to come....
Kurt Loder, MTV News Correspondent
Happy 1984! Congrats to Walter Mondale on an incredible landslide electoral victory. It really is dusk in America!
Im here in a very cold downtown Chatham Kent sitting down with what many consider to be the greatest band in history,
Discofunk 1974 and the Lazarus Quartet, about to embark on their world-wide 10 year anniversay tour.
Discofunk, take us back to the beginning...
Discofunk 1974: Well the thing was...the thing is....the thing will was it is.. yes!!
Kurt Loder: Well Disco, how did it get started?
Discofunk 1974: Yeah thats true. Very very true.
Warpus: Allow me to...intertwine.
Kurt Loder: Please.
Warpus: Discofunk knew if its gonna be funky...gotta have some horns. Disco is the future.
Discofunk 1974: But now its the past...but its also the future. a rhombus.
Kurt Loder: Speaking of circles, your band is known for prominently featuring a triangle.
Kurt Loder: Quip, did you want to tell us about what the Triangle brings to the band?
Discofunk 1974: Say it louder Quip!
Warpus: Blows horn
Kurt Loder: Well that leaves you Luminator. Some say you are the secret weapon of Discofunk 1974 the Lazarus Quartet.
For many years you guys were the only band to have a dedicated light manipulator.
Luminator: I did not agree to speak to you Lode Kurter.
Kurt Loder: Very well.
Luminator: I have decided that I will speak with you.
Kurt Loder: Im honored.
Luminator: In august??
Kurt Loder: It is august.
Luminator: August is not a fitting month for being honored.
Kurt Loder: Ok, Im sorry. Im definitely not honored.
Discofunk 1974: Well if youre not on her, Ill hop on!
Warpus: Blows Horn
Luminator: As I was saying. Do you know the story of the biblical Lazarus?
Kurt Loder: I believe he was raised by the dead from Jesus.
Luminator: Yes, well let me ask you this Lode Kurter, what do you think would have happened if he had been reborn in the dark?
Kurt Loder: I dont think I follow...
Luminator: If Lazarus had been reborn in the dark, then people would not have been able to see him and no one would know his tale!
Kurt Loder: Ok....
Luminator: Meaning -- there can be no Lazarus without Lumination!
Discofunk 1974: One nation under a Lum...getting disco just for the funk of it.
Warpus: Blows Horn
Kurt Loder: Ok well this has been a fascinating conversation. Who do we have next? David Lee Roth? Great.
We are pleased to announce that Mel Farr Suppastar has passed the Gommini Jabbari test without succumbing to his animal side
and has as such been promoted to a Cosigliere position within the organization. He is the first non-Polish consigliere in
Laz History.
Mel has assured us that he has already let the power go to his head and will use it to make Filths member a member.
A big shout out goes to to the BL5 crew for keeping it real. Some people associate the moon with Pink Floyd
and menstrual cycles, but it will forever remind us of you and your hat.
We would also like to greet all the other BL massifs, Misfit, Hennifer, and Grind king, and wed like to thank mx for drawing
the logo outlines and for helping with letterform consulting, tainted for providing the buds, and everybody else for feeling the funk.
Let us also not forget everyone who dropped by to jam even though they are not members: Filth, Alpha King, 0DD, mx, Tainted,
and Cranksy, who not only came to jam but also ended up writing and producing the track for the trailer!
Thats it for the jibber jabber this month, peace out you jive turkeys!
Its time to blow up this cheeze in our shaggin wagon
Good vibes and keep on steppin