laz##(10) news & info by lazarus
laz##(10) news & info by lazarus
l a z a r u s !
LAZARUS / 10, August 1997 / logo by ip r1
well, i think ive delayed this long enough. i am a lazarus leader.
with that comes an understanding - a responsibility. i have a job
to do, and if i dont do it, then who will?@ certainly, if i dont
release the pack then our artwork goes unseen - our message goes
unheard!@ i would sooner let warpus chew on my still flowing
bladder then have us fade into obscurity.
so here it is. eat it up.
im sure youve heard the news by now - our beloved hennifer up and
quit the group this month. the move came as quite a surprise to all
of us, and his exact reason for such a drastic measure is still not
completely known, but his lovely artwork and tyrannous ways as a
lazarus leader will be missed. in a way, i think theres a little
hennifer left in all of us. *sniff*
thankfully, stepping in to assume his responsibilities is warpus, a
name everyone in the ansi scene should be more than familiar with by
now. hes been in lazarus since the beginning, a perpetrator of the
lesbian movement since 89, and he runs the ever-popular blender
every wednesday night! let me tell you, kids the fun is just
seraphim, who quit our group last month, joined our group again, and
then quit our group again. ...
due to inactivity we had to cull hachi from our roster. hachi was
one of the original five members of lazarus, dating back to our
first pack. hachi is only one of a few members weve lost contact
with so, if you havent been around for a while, make yourself known
or suffer the same fate as hachi!
despite such turbulent losses this month, we faced adversity and
came through with some huge gains. say hello to the riddler, from
blade, zircus, from fire, knocturnal, from god-knows-where, and
gorechild the artist formerly known as wyvern, from ice. all four
are fantabulous artists, and we love them for joining us and
encourage them to stick around. : so, like, worry their skillz..
or something.
note: there were a few applications lost in the tumultuos fray
following hennifers departure. please, if you applied last
month and did not hear from us, or were accepted by hennifer
and not acknowledged in this pack, get in contact with me so
that we can straighten things out.
- grind king laz
- partner in crime