ease by grind king
ease by grind king
burn, hollywood burn..
- grind king -
dislogics - E A S E
ansi grind king / lazarus
this ansi is for my brother, DISLOGIC, and his friendly board, EASE! well hes
not really my brother - thats just a figure of speech to show that were like,
uhh.. friendly or something
anyway, this is about two months of work finished off in one swift cram session
before the pack. learn from me procrastination is not the way to BEEeeE!1!!!!
i know the hair sucks. so does the background what background?, exactly.
respect to - all the lazarus kids, henny and warpy, hachi, mel farr superstar,
flame, defiant, dislogic, erratic, halaster, the prodigy, fluor, wator, cheeze,
samurai, god among lice, the bood brothers, and all girls named brooke. heheh.
ps: if i owe you an ansi, STOP BITCHING AT ME!!@ i can only do things one at
a time - and this one took a LOT of time.