c0rosive by transient
c0rosive by transient
transient / lazarus:: cmartin@
the soft blue melted with the waves of candle light. toa
stie feelings toasted a
jazz like jive upon rocks and clocks that just
stopped running. and time wasnt
important, just feeling fine, happy birthday to
you, and happy futures for all.
the soft lost with the jab of toungues, sick of
f cake and sugar, baked to perf-
ection, to cause an erection. sexual lost its s
ad edge, carried on the back of
this small head. for years the fears of feeling,
had sent this soul reeling.
into a pit of uninstinctual holding back, of something so r
eal, so real, so rea
l - a freestyle flow by the one and only transie
opped: penn
transient of
lazarus 96.