silk by warpus
silk by warpus
arpus made
i kind of forgot how to shade so i just went nuts
i must say that it turned out quite interesting
greets to: hennifer, agent77, epoxy, shadow hunter, n
itris, phantasm, mr.blobie
cheeze, wyvern, tetanus, isosceles, tna, fluor,
widowmaker, dieznyik
flame, grind king, eiht ball, erratic, samurai,
4th, maharet,
technifix, safety hazard, magnetic rage, fire lo
rd, and offspring
just to name a few artistically inclined people i kno
w or like to talk to :
oh and by the way, im really a guy. that whole girl
thing was just a plot to
generally confuse and irritate everyone. too bad, eh
? :
yeah, thats a crappy divisor. i dont care.
dont use with font, iceage juuuust making sure: