don't feed the "biers" on uc2e by caynan
don't feed the "biers" on uc2e by caynan
-+------ - fiSCHBRATKCHE - -------+-
peaceful-life for ansi-compo on
underground conference -+-----+-
... iS rULE! 2 -+---------------+- cA! 96
im NOT a bear!!
dont feed the bears!
now its time to chew bubblegum
done by caynanpsnfbkmoz for the
underground conference 2 held in bingen/rhein
the 10-12.5.96 ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ greetz: crazy l yoda slaine gunman trate stryker rebel
data helter skelter cybermage trancesonic blade
big shadow bitstream black axe blue apache exodus
filis finnegan harlequin krash kraut metalman
poti pandur random avenger reebok sneef ragger
toydealer toxic entity digital escapist painless yale
doc fred vanic and all i forgot except busterbld...
uargh, tha underground conference e was a total-
ly pervert pardey!! but i think it was phun... : all
who dont think so are lame. yeah. meet ya at uc3!