Some may wonder what the JiHAD of Prime Evil and hFaze is. Some
may fancy that they have elucidated all that there is to know. Know then
that the JiHAD of the sacristans of art mean to cleanse the scene of
abominations. JiHAD is holy war holy war against the heretics who herald
a dying medium. JiHAD is holy war against the infidel who impose upon us
bad art and spurn the trancedental artistry of VGA.
Those who are our enemies must wait tremulously in trepidation at
our aproach. For when we are at our apex, with our holy riteousness, we
will take our place as the udisputed rulers, comitting regicide on the fat
ansi kings.
Those who will bow down to us must also know our canon, for the
word of PE and HF are sacrosanct amongs us. Those who do sacrilge will be
crushed like the maggots in which they feed upon. Those who cannot bend
in our unstoppable wind will snap, for they are no better than animals
clinging to their teritorial bounderies. Those who oppose must leave the
scene and rusticate, for they should leave the artistry to the artists.
This decree is unmitigateable. The world will see VGA supreme and
in the traditions of the TRiBE and other inspirational examples of
emmaculet artistry, JiHAD will strive to provide the common masses with
quality art, not lines of escape-codes otherwise know as shit ansi.
Ansi heathen reading this, do not oppose us. Do not launch a
crusade agaist those who will bring you to your final salcavtion.
Instead, learn to evolve to our enlighten being. Join the VGA revelotion
and pledge loyalty to PE and HF or mire back into artistic stagnation and
spend the rest of your days in worthless persuit.
--Jan. 1 1995--
-- JiHAD manifesto first draft--
-- done in unix pico version 2.5--
PRiME EViL It is not ego when you really are superior...
group greetz: UNiON iCE KTS KoV
group phuxewes: All those shitty groups out there. You know who you are.
You are crap.
personal phuxewes: narcolept: yer gay dude.
vassago: yer gayer dude.