warning: explicit content show
pack information
welcome to the 8th jasper project almost monthly art pack.
weve been busy little bees around town and weve been making lots of
changes and general tid-bits to the group to ensure things run a little
bit more smoothly.
ill go into that in a further section, but id just like to say that
im quite pleased with the quality of this art pack. it seems that
lots of other groups around town are focused on getting out big packs
filled with junk in them, and the select few are releasing top notch
ansi which is what its all about.
group information
the group has undergone a few changes, as mentioned, which can all be
basically seen within the news file. the layout of the member list has
changed to the traditional alphabetical order. i felt that with a
growing member list like ours, we would need some sort of order to the
member list for easier artist location. similarly, artists emails are
also located on the member list incase anyone wants to request art,
or even try steal them for their group ...
that crazy cat anonymous entity has renamed to character zero, and he
has also been moved up to the 2nd in charge type bloke around here.
the guy is great and is very dedicated to the group which is a good
thing. we always needed an ansi council in the group and what better
man than the person whos always busting balls for people to join
my pablo dude. so, now that hes a made man.. anyone can apply to
the group via him too.
new members
cryogenic, who comes to us from the old avenge, force and other cool
ansi groups. cryo, it seems, is expanding his ansi horizons and giving
it a go with some pics to add to his already awesome fonts. good to see
him back, and he tells me he listens to trance music too.. bonus!
h7, whos been in any group under the sun since phat studios.. he was
also in force and has since been taking his hand at ascii for mimic
and other great crews. you will notice h7s kickass group .nfo file
members list, thanks a lot dude!
trace 2 by portia
our good friend portia has included in this pack his second in the
trace tutorial series. this time around he looks deeply into the
art of shading and gives a great tutorial for you all to look at.
just goes to show how nice we are here at jasper.. and they said
a great artist never reveals their secrets? hmm?
character rambles
i think the art this month should speak for itself. a lot of groups
have tried in the past to be the best. too many of them have burned
themselves out in the process. this is why i love jasper, we dont
try to be the best, were not worried about competition. we draw,
and were good at it. we release, and.. well.. were good at it.
expect more amazing packs from jasper in the months to come, the doors
are swinging wide open. we welcome any and all artists interested in
joining a group of friends who have now, for 8 packs in a row,
consistantly produced some prtty good stuff. its only getting better.
special thanks from me to: aesthetic, alla xul, klumzee and portia for
drawing that huge dick up there and giving me the worst case of penis
envy imaginable. or wait.. is that a portrait of skatter?
text written by aesthetic and character zero
jasper O9 - september 02.