pack 5 news by aesthetic
pack 5 news by aesthetic
avg 43 - ballkan madness.
jasper pack 5 news
aint nobody gonna break our stride nobodies gonna..umm.. hmm.. yeah
hi there and thank you for downloading the 5th jasper pack. weve received a
tremendous response from the previous four packs and im totally happy with
the way the group is shaping out to be.
so what has happened this month you might be asking? well the groups actually
undergone more changes than michael jacksons plastic surgery operations. we
kinda sorta well maybe re opened the ascii division to realise that the only
enthusiasm drawn to it was by a member of the group.
so i killed it off totally before it started again and made things like a tad
unprofessional down here at the jasper house, and ill thank you kids for
new members this month include
* arrogance acid/saga
* sephiroth sadist
* keetar mimic
* reanimator legion/twilight
* ize revival
* two11two polyester/remorse
on behalf of all the members wed like to welcome these beauties with a
pack of gum and a pocket-sized buzz light year action figure.. though we
better not let the toy get in daveks hands, we dont want gi-joe getting stuck
under the to speak.
well hey, acks page is up and running. this page is
already an up-to-date, full CGi graphic based shockwave version 69 flash
animated star wars meets matrix jasper fan base page. you can download packs
there and check out pornos and stuff.
its been a month of birthdays here at the jasper project, with untamed
turning 22, and aesthetic hitting 20, tis the season to drink lots of grog and
get up to no darn good. :
you might also be wondering why our packs arent as big as that other
particular group. the fact remains that we have a hand-full of great artists
who put quality way before quantity, and yes, we do QC work in jasper. thanks
for coming.
its good to see lots of groups releasing to a schedule, chatting on irc,
fighting on skatters bbs, cybering in private messages, and doing the general
ants-pants im a full-sik ansi artist cant fuck with me cause im on the other
side of the world type shit. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside..
since this pack is released on the 1st of may, wed also like to say a fuzzy
warm HAPPY frsta may to all the swedes out there. apparently its a big excuse
for people to get drunk and have wild sex in the streets well maybe not the
sex but i thought id through that in for good measure. thanks to big yellow
man for the info.
anyways thats about all i have to ramble about this month, im sure ive
missed plenty.. but hey! id like to see you juggling a group around with this
kinda tight schedule. i have models to fuck, someones gotta do it.
text written by aesthetic, header by aes/avenging angel. all of jasper