She's got a great body (of water) by Mage
She's got a great body (of water) by Mage
Shes got a great body
of water
On the cold black plateau
of volcanoes and cinder,
a small claim of springtime
where else it is winter.
A hidden green valley,
a living ravine,
conceals itself here,
unknown and unseen.
And erupts here a spring
of such water so clear
that my image is perfect
when its depths I peer.
The burbling noise
of this babbling stream
replaces my thoughts
with a crystalline dream.
While thanking the gods
for this unbidden gift,
I hurl myself, nude,
into current so swift.
I am carried away
but refreshed just the same.
I bob up and bob down
in this turbulent game.
While the eddies, they twirl me
and spin me around,
My ears overflow
with the nostalgic sound.
I play in her waters
as she plays with me.
We gambol and frolic
with aquiline glee.
At long last, I lie spent
on an outcropping shelf.
And I look down below,
seeing bits of myself.
Lit by Cthulu Mist Ansifi
ed by Mage Int