The Integral - June 1995
The Integral - June 1995
- The Integral - Integrity Information and Updates -
Integrity is very proud to present our sixth Ansi package.
Were continuing our tradition of consistently providing
the scene with another high-quality, eye-candy jammed pack.
Over the last few months, my job as the writer of the Integral
was fairly uneventful. This month I actually have something
to write about.
During the month of May we gain three new artists. Black
Lightning, formerly of Spastic, joins our ranks and adds
another facet to our group, through the unique quality his
work radiates. Eerie, also formerly of Spastic, joins our
family and adds a huge punch to our group. He complements our
group perfectly. Lastly, Heat Wave of Divine comes over,
as a new talent to our team. His unrefined raw talent will
be something to keep your eyes out for.
We were harassed and abused this month also, through two
separate controversies and attacks. The validity of one of
our artists Ansi was under fire this month with a rip
accusation. We firmly support our artists when they are
under fire, for unjust reasons. None of the proof provided
any actual evidence to suggest a ripping, it was simply an
artist drawing the same picture in a similar scale.
The second accusation was even more uncalled for. It was
made because I Darkforce was blackmailed for drawing some
lamer board named The Snake Pit the Sysop is named Snake
an Ansi, otherwise Snake would take the proof of a rip
onto IRC and kill Integrity. Muahaha. : Nothing really
happenned, because of the lack of intelligence on the part of
Snake, and the pathetic accusation. We wanted to tell the
public about this to warn others about this kind of garbage,
and maybe have it as an indication of the low, dirty,
underhanded tactics people are resorting to for Ansi. It
was truly pathetic. What is the modem world coming to?
Wed like to end this months Integral on a positive note,
but unfortunately, its been a pretty terrible month. All
the Canadian NHL Hockey teams have been eliminated from the
Stanley Cup Playoffs, exams are looming over the horizon
like dark clouds, and Mocha Frappuchino at Starbucks costs an
arm and a leg. There is one thing however, we can celebrate.
And thats the success that Integrity has achieved, and will
continue achieving, for the last, and the next six months and
well beyond.
O Darkforce Integrity