Pinion by Eerie
Pinion by Eerie
eerie integrity
falling out of sleep i hit the floor
put on some rock tee and im out with the door
from bowery to broome to greene, im a walking lizard
last nights dream was a talking baby lizard
all coming from human imagination
daydreaming days in a daydream nation
smashed up against a car at three a.m.
kids just up for basketball beat me in my head
theres bum trash in my hall and my place is ripped
ive totaled another amp, im calling in sick
its an anthem in a vaccum on a hyperstation
daydreaming days in a daydream nation
-sonic youth
pinion - up somewhere in georgia - awps: obscurity
get this for now.. ill work on the obv stuff soon, i promise
this pic is 100 original from that man Eerie from Integrity
for your own e-wheat eerie pic send 20 to
david turgeon / po box 66 / lac-beauport quebec / canada g0a2c0