Logo Collection by Eerie
Logo Collection by Eerie
eerie da dynamic man who fucks the stars presents his fourt
h logo colly!
watch out for some radical shit.. this first ones for du
yo smooth-man, yer
da man.
you can change
the colors if you
want. actually, i WOULD c
hange the
colors if i
were you.
im the ultimate logo master but i still do da collies like
the pale-man!
hey maestro, what about doing a real toastah logo now?
h u m a
that last font was a study on lds shit. i suck compared t
o him dammit!
alright.. next one is for mca cuz he rules so much
r e b e l l i o n
awps hannibal lecter the man with the bite + mass delusio
n the other man
used to be union whq but im not too sure of it now
alright, thats all for this month. call sarcastic toaster
now beeyatch..
the new number is 418 657 4442 and its got young as the s
ysop now!