Logo Compilation by Black Tyde
Logo Compilation by Black Tyde
Wellz, here are some of my logos.... There arent Nearly as many as Last time,
cause None of you lame ass people requested them... If you Want a logo done,
Just catch me on most 6o3 iNF sites.. Ill probably want someting in return,
such as like a much needed impulse upgrade/ utility, or something.. if you
really dont have anything to offer me, you can buy one off me for 5... But
Id rather get something else if possible. Ya, There are some old Guild of
fire logos I included. that DOES NOT mean you can put up your own board and
it guild of fire, or I might beat your ass in...
Greetz to Jell-o and Manic Depression Rage, the only 3 who actually asked me for something.
g u i l d o f f i r e
Yep, thats Dedinitly a Extreamed S. But mines better.
t h e s e p t i c t a n k
All those 33 pics might have influenced the bottom.. just mabey..