ninth of october two thousand and twenty two
number eighty-three
gosh. unbelievable. our nfo is made of block ansi. this was like
three days ago, normal chat in our beloved impure crew channel, we
were talking about collab on the nfo. spinny popped up on our
moebius server and instantly made this imp1940 ansi header.
how cool is that. well, zorro still has to do some stuff too,
im waiting for him. 24 hours left before the pack release.
we added some stuff from skin, that he gave us long ago and that
we well, iks forgot to add been there done that already again.
so this is a delayed guest! i dont like this 83, i dont know
how to ansi properly. so, hey, ansi artists, please take it and
make it ansigodlike. yeah, lazarus, b7 and fire, im talking to you.
forgot mistigris. oh and legacy. well, go ahead!
autumn. most fantastic season of the year. forest and meadows
smell real great. rain rocks.
im waiting for some input from hellbeardy too, and anst just
showed up on irc! maybe itll be a big collab alltogether,
mixing pc o/s style and pc block ansi. woohoo.
well, not sure itll happen, but at least talking about it adds
some lines to this already non-sense artpack introduction text.
sunday. 2am. 83 will pop up in 20 hours. this nfo file is like
10 finished. waking up early tomorrow and getting it done under
the morning sun is the plan. mornings are the best moment for
creativity. moreover when its sunday morning. sunday morning
are silent. oh gosh, silence. most perfect thing ever.
spinny told me the 83 is cool this way, so ill let it roll
like that.
whats freaking awesome is that weve been talking about meadows
in every nfo file introduction text for the past what, 5-10 packs?
yay. meadows make asciis happen. this is the real deal.
snow will even make it sexier.
brothers in arms. long live anarchy and fuck capitalism.
long live art and happiness.
impure pimps it up once again see, we told you, theres always
some kind of end phrase that emphasizes the beauty of the pack
or something like that. tradition? egotrip? you chose. with
number eighty-three. enjoy.
we l3ve you.
les impurers.
L A M E M B E R L I S T 3 3 3
pogue pO 2o! +l grmmxi grx
hellbeard xz venam vnm hawk hubbard hh
haliphax hx xero x0 arlequin arl
jack phlash jp acidbrain ab smooth 5m
maze mz prismate pmt cn .cn
lord nikon ldn irokos iks anachronist anst
lavaramano lmn h7 h7 ixxu ixxu
dipswitch dip nerv nerv
3 3 3 3 3
yeah. you know you want to send us love messages. isnt life full of
love? wait. its not. if you still want to send us messages full of
hatred, here is the way. dont you feel lucky?
iRC impure @ efnet
muchos gracias to our guest pimps: zaner, the homeboy, goto80 the
handsome swedish one, and skin, the master of the universe.
these guys are 3. theyll join impure soon we heard.
ansi nfo by liks and le spinny
oct. 2022