kniffy by spinsane
kniffy by spinsane
. // // ./l .: / :
// // /. : ::::l open ::
/ :: / fire!::
/ // ........ ....:: / / o :
// O ::: / // / //
X O ::: / / / /
7 ... . 7 ::: / / /
kNIFFy. , /- :XXX: // : @ / sP!Mp
: .Y j l
The Y city : / i / ing...
is 1 skit : ter
A blue cocktail appeared before him, held in neon-nailed fingers. It hissed
and smoked like a centipede.
Her neon nailed fingers clutched a blue hued cocktail hissing smoke, humping,
pumping centipede jizm in clumps and ropes. She writhed once it got inside.
And moaned, husky over the loudspeakers, sneakers smeared to the sides,
fingers in, moving towards her ears in wiggles, squiggling suicide notes.
Inside out, mere verse rehearsed and mirrored over the speakers crystal
clear, a glass hearse.
I expect you to clean the litter, my dears... screamed its mouths.
A skittish static pitter patter purred amongst the bassbins and mugwump fur,
just like the old fuck turned dust, cursed after grabbing the purse.
skittish litter amid statics pitter patter bassbins and bugwumps humped
in jism, just like the old fuck slithered. damn him!
I managed to escape by narrowing myself to the flatness of a playing card,
then sliding underneath the gaschamber doors that floated like leaves
bloated in streams.
I left my hat with the bones and disease, deceased Indiana Jones rest in
I write my poems in the dirt, scratching earth with my bones as the fleas
bite my knees.
Rest in peace, rest is peace, R.I.P., R.I.P., remember, remember,