t h e z e r o . f i v e . t h r e e e y e c a n d y
----------pO!/ . /------//---
I M P U R E ! ?
x the oldschool ascii legends are back x
i n f o
Welcome to our 53rd goodie bag. Eight long years has
passed by since our last release and the world as we
know it has grown older. So did we. Some of us grew
beards, some of us fell in love. Life got in the way.
We have all except for jack plash! been lurching in
the shadows, wondering if all this really took place.
The love of the artform, the comradeship of the group,
and all the good memories from the scene ignited the
idea to start up impure!ascii again. Its been some
hectic months trying to organize this. Not to mention
all the hard work it took pulling Pogue down from
that fluffy pink cloud that has been hoovering high
above Oslo lately! Seems like a good place to be.
However, Impure could never exist without its captain.
We are still the same old geezers + haliphax who joined
up with the clan. Great guy. Great artist. Hes on a
plane heading for Mexico as this is being written. We
wish him the best of luck on his latest adventure!
What more what more..
I guess the plan is to keep doing this for a while now.
We are currently accepting new members. If you want to
join up with what probably is the most democractic
group in the scene, drop a mail with some work.
We are still trying to get in contact with old members.
As you might have noticed there is a lot of bbs art in
this pack. Check out our boards to see it live.
Enjoy the pack. Lots of luv to Break!ascii for still
doing this. I guess some of you didnt see this coming.
i n f o
.want to apply to impure? mail us at impure@thuglife.org
and/or eric@modermodemet.se and include examples of
your work.. or drop by impure on irc efnet
.Impure is a style, not a group. If you think you have
the style, join up!
c o n t a c t
ftp down, want to help out?
irc impure or 1984
mail impure@thuglife.org and eric@modermodemet.se
www down, want to help out?
bbs bloodisland.ph4.se
artflow send submits to pogue or hellbeard
at: impure@thuglife.org
members know where to submit.
b o a r d s
world-hq - blood island - master: xzippo
+ bloodisland.ph4.se +
euro-hq - haciend - master: h7
+ haciend.bbs.fi +
usa-hq - Piranha - Black flag - master: caphood
+ blackflag.acid.org +
+ port 2425 for pcboard / 23 for mystic +
member - Distortion -
+ d1st.org + - master: jP!
member - 79 Columns -
+ oddnetwork.org + - master: haliphax
.want to be a dist. board/BBS or site, contact us.
m e m b e r s
. .memories.
.the clan. greetz goes to our
pO pOGUE - norway past members, who has
xz hELLBEARD - sweden began their journey
into a new scene, a
*grk gRISKOKARE - sweden new world or maybe
hx hALIPHAX - usa just a new group in
jp jACK pLASH - usa no partically order:
spitfire, befeater,
.guest piece. dorm, dopedemon, esc,
**jO jOJO - sweden hex corrupt, quix,
the director, methane
skywalker, acidburn,
cleaner, dark stalker
the genocidal servant
magma, mystic rage,
* former mODIUM helter skelter, dwarf
** thank you for letting us dark entity,
have your elk. Are you sure tekkrik-e, zimmer,
its not a moose though? : inphamilair, blooz,
ansichrist, pix, pdz,
dedchylde, devilangel
acidbrain, elend,
simonking, ozzeth,
curdon, shadow lord,
dead brain, tribe,
g r e e t s
.hello to our friends in:
break!ascii . blocktronics . tulou . x/84 dev team
dezign . decadence . devotion . galza
+ all of you old geezers still in the text art scene
Ooh Mimic? Where are you now?
/ n7vasl /
l / / /
--- --- - --- --- ---- --l/- ----- -
.o pure pimpin /