"woe" logo for woezine.. by the director
"woe" logo for woezine.. by the director
. ,f
. . lSisssst*
, + i, j.
k. jf j jf .
si ?st t.jf ,,ds, jSSs ft
j : l s. : t
jf,lt, . jt jss. jt jt
f ,y t. yss,
,t ,d jff
: ?Sfjf .,s*.
?:f* j .
. f 7 .
woah, does.. eh... woe, does my ascii get worse and worse, or does it get
worse and worse? .
there i fixed it.. i had this big stupid looking j
. thing at the
liss upper left on i the O ..
i was thinking this might look sorta cool with
a big z in the background, since this is supposed to
be for woezine. oh well, i have to have this done today i might
allready be too late and i am not gonna re-use stuff, otherwise i would
just take the huge Z from my oZ orbitzine logo and stick it behind the
woe.. welp.. write for orbitzine my emag. draw for it too. there are still
some open positions for the orbitzine staff.. email me to submit articles or askabout orbitzine. btw, its coded, artscene releated. we are also looking for
reporters, so email me with application info and an article, or if you dont
want to join, then just email your work.
email: thedirector@technologist.com
on efnet, my nick is: dir
or dir if dir is taken.. some freak keeps using my nick.. argfarewell..