Imperial: Members List by TNP/T.Terrorrist
Imperial: Members List by TNP/T.Terrorrist
T.Terrorist Were watchin
g you I M P E R I A L M E M B E R L I
S T I N G - J U L Y 1 9 9 4 -
Senior Staff
The Narccissist - President The Night Prowler - Vice
Khyron - US Coordinator
ANSi Artists
Acidflash Black Lightning Disturbance Eerie
Havoc Eternal Silence The Masked Pirate
Maximum Overdose Reznor The Night Prowler
Twisted Terrorrist Tzeentch Young Visionary
VGA Artists
Annihilatus Archangel Bad Mr. Frosty
Rumpelstiltskin Suicidal Maniac
Summoner Tzeentch Voodoo
RIP Artists
Headless Rider Suicidal Maniac
The Night Prowler Young
Literature Members
Beatle Cthulu Cypher Magik Elvis Sniper
The Narccissist The Drowning Man
Dr CPU Coluche Hexx The Humanoid
Lightnin Hopkins Raiden Skinny Puppy
Snowman Visual Delusion
Antisocial Benny Coluche The Hornet
Black One