Imperial June NFO File by The Narccissist
Imperial June NFO File by The Narccissist
June 1994 Edition
Hello guys and gals and Tzeentchs and I hope you have
enjoyed or at least, will enjoy the third installment of the
Imperial art package. This has been our busiest, toughest and
bumpiest month. People have come and gone, and some have come
back, but all in all, I think the group has again improved
since the last pack, first, lets get on to the new members
and the departures.
The Big Three
The day after Imp-0494.Zip was released, 3 members had sent
me their resignation forms. Asian Knight and Darkforce was
headed for Tribe and Vanquish off to Nation, but about a few
weeks later, two of them were not in their groups, Darkforce
and Asian Knight were both out of Tribe. Darkforce went to
Union, and Asian Knight re-joined the Imperial family, and it
is great to have him back. You will see the last Imperial
works from Vanquish in this months pack, and well, with the
new work by Asian Knight, youll never think he left
The new artists. Alot of people applied for Imperial this
month, and alot of them are talented. Some of our new members
are Devils Spawn from iCE, Maximum Overdose, The Drowning Man
Reznor from various art groups, and a few other guys, who look
very promising. Mr. Wizard, a talented artist, and a few other
applicants are being reviewed. Bravo.
From my local area code, 604 HOME OF THE CANUCKS! there
rose two new members, Eternal Silence, who has a great deal of
potential, and Grateful Dead, who used to be 604s most wanted
man, but quit the scene a while back, well hes back. I look
back on the days Pain my old group and Poison, we merged to
make NWA were both fighting over GD, well, looks like BOTH
sides won
Well, you may see in the future other mergers with our us
and other groups, but Six Pack, Night Prowler and I will all
have to discuss anything, but we got a STRONG group starting
here, and well, were already solid enough, but it would be
nice, if the group was good.
Till next time,
The Narccissist of Imperial
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