Imperial Jun Member List by The Masked Pirate
Imperial Jun Member List by The Masked Pirate
I M P E R I A L M E M B E R L I S T I N G - M A Y 1 9 9 4 -
Se ior Staff
The Narccissist - President
The Night Prowler - Vice President
Six Pack - US President
ANSi Artists
Acidflash Asian Knight Black Lightning
Havoc Eternal Silence The Masked Pirate
Maximum Overdose Reznor The Narccissist
The Night Prowler Tzeentch Virtual Fool
Visionary Xyperwulv Young Zorlak
VGA Artists
Annihilatus Archangel Rumpelstiltskin
Skyhigh Suicidal Maniac Summoner
Tzeentch Vicious Zorlak
Literature Members
Cthulu Magik Elvis Sniper
The Narccissist The Drowning Man Zorlak
Dr CPU Coluche The Assassin The Zapper!
Lightnin Hopkins Raiden Skinny Puppy
Snowman Visual Delusion
Antisocial Coluche Edge of Panik Krypton
The Zapper!
Black One
white new member.
HUGE apologies go out to my buddy and assosiate at Imperial
Productions, Cthulu. Ive forgotten to put you in the Imp
member list for the past two months, this make it up dood?