-: The Insane Asylum :-
.E.Enter A Message .M.Mode Grafx
.J.Join A Conference .P.Page Length Set
.K.Kill A Message .T.Transfer Prot.
.R.Read Messages :M M: .V.View Yer Stats
.TS.Text Scan A: :E .W.Write Yer Info J
.Y.Yer Mail I: :N .X.Expert Mode e
GENERAL :N U: .WHO.Who Is Online S
.B.Bulletins FILES T
.C.Comment To Nut Case .D.Leech A File e
.G.Hasta La Vista .F.File Listings R
.NEWS.News FLAG.Flag A File To D/L
.O.Page Nut Case .L.Locate FileName
.S.Script Questions .U.Upload A File
: .USERS.USERS List .Z.Zippy Dir Scan :