carnage tn trin
mr master rat
sa scratch acid
j3 j35US christ
phaelius phr phreaksho
w ox oxygen
Well this
is the first pack for iLLusion so thats why
its so small
but thats doesnt
mean it isnt good weve picked up a couple good
artist to start off, first theres TRiN
he comes to us from CUD
and does alot of ascii as well as ansi. Theres a
lso Master Rat
gonna do us some coding and and will probably head up o
ng department once we get some more peeps to join it.
His board
will be iLLusion HQ but more abo
ut that later. Weve also
picked up J35US Christ
who agreed to do some art for us he also done
some ascii for ODELAY. Also joini
ng our ranks will be Scratch Acid
and Phaelius and also Oxygen
, and myself, CarNage,
ive been in a
couple of
groups from Hellfire, FBi, iON, Surge, and EPiC
and last
but not l
east we rounded up Phreakshow.
Hopefully we will pick up a couple of more artist
from 757 or from
where ever. I know theyre a few
people in 757 id like to get to do
art but they seem to be off in thier own worldg.
The firs
t couple of packs will most likely be distrod in 757 on
till we can round up some mo cow pokes.
...plug... ...plug..
. ...plug... ...plug...
OverDose its da b0mb. Sys is Master
Rat its running telegard
with 28.8
dual node ringdown, and has Khaos
.Net InfiNet an
all kinds of neato goodiez. So Call..NOW..
Also it
s the best board to call to get Paks from iLLusion and a
to apply. If you
do apply fill out the iLLusion app and upload it
CarNage, Trin, or Master Rat.
est Writer : DaNGeR MouSe
This is a journal of the m
eeting as close to the actual truth as my memory
First I go over to Master Rats house
... we start working on getting the
computer together to through in the car, and Trin
comes over to help. So we get al
l the crap together and get going. MR wants to go all th
e way to Rallys to get some
food yeah fuck that... heh, so instead we just get on
the highway and get going. Surpr
isingly I didnt get lost, and after we get
off I64 drop off by Wendys for some food.
We finally get to the library
and my car stalls out from going 90 down the hig
hway. We walk in and talk to a l
ibrarian, who is no assistance at all, and without the he
lp of anybody we finally find the
fucking meeting room after asking some very unhelpful
people.. Meeting, what kind... 7
57... 757 what? ... 757, like the area
code 757. So we walk in and everybody is just s
taring at each other... and after a
couple minutes of introductions MR, Trin, and I were we
aring labels for name tags... heh
G we decide to go and get MRs BBS computer from my
car. We are dragging all this co
mputer crap through the library,
surprisingly nobody stops us, and we set everythi
ng up in the study room. Pheali
us and some guy by the handle of Legend. After about a
n hour of moving things aroun
d, we finally get to installing Linux, and meanwhile thi
s dick Legend is going on the wh
ole time about how he went to Walmart and did
some stupid shit with their computers, and g
ot in trouble, but left, and it w
as really really cool gag me. After a long time we fin
ally get Linux installed, and
then we boot it up and the Kernal starts to panic, whic
h was rather funny. So we decide
d that next meeting we will just use an OL
provider shell to do some stuff. Finally Legen
d and Phaelic leave, and we t
alk a little bit and Phaelic promised not to post anymor
e crap on Khaos Net... we sha
ll see wont we?, and decide to pack up and go. Of cou
rse a little bit of privelidg
ed information was exchanged. Then I drive back, make
a wrong turn, and almost get hit
by a moron in a van. Woohoo...
People that we wished were there bu
t werent: Jesus Christ
Fucking Hostile
Suture Neuromanc
er Carnage
All except the before mentioned were laughed
at and talked about... haha
Oh yeah, we missed StalePhish too... hah... hahaha... a
nd even some people that were ther
e we laughed at and talked about, so dont feel special
either. Speaking
of which, whats up stalephish? We thought you lived rig
ht down the street? Wasnt it bec
ause of your pissing and moaning that the meeting was
held out in the middle of nowhere
? Although
I have to admit that the Chesapeak Central library is p
retty spiffy, maybe even better tha
n VaBeah Central. Although those librarians are not one
of the nicer breed.
Next time I might bring
my computer...
-- D
aNGeR --
MouSe --
and other bull
Hopefully well se
e some art from j3, drsuess, and Fucking Hostile
next month, so look foward to
Thats c
oncludes this months bull..see ya next month...!