ok a lot of crap has been going on in illness lately. we had to drop our old
coordinator, dr hate, so it is now even more difficult to keep this group
together. so a few things need to be done by you, the members..
first, there is a new app gen. all current members must fill it out! no
exceptions! if you have already applied and arent sure whether or not you
are in illness, apply again. upload your apps to glue 714-552-6378. if you do
not do this then you will be dropped from illness.
since we no longer have an official coordinator we need a new way to get in
touch with all the members. so we are working on getting confusionNet up and
running. the new main hub will be The Shadow Den which is an 800 in illinois.
after we get everything set up we will release a confusionNet package seperate
and you can check that out. after that is out it will be mandatory for all
illness members to either poll confusionNet on your board or regularly call
a board that has it. this is so we can keep up-to-date on whats going on and
so we can get ansis to the modders that need em.
ok i guess thats about it. thankyou for your cooperation in helping keep this
group going.
sir lancelot