This is just a little info file that I feel I needed to get out due to some
views that have been being expressed over cancer-net. Some people had been
hinting at some kind of war going on between illness and cream and firm or
something. I pretty much ended that and it never really got out of hand,
but i still felt that I should write a little bit expressing our views on
all the other mod groups around, big or small.
First of all, Id like to say that I have the utmost respect for both Cream
and Firm. Please dont take offense if I dont mention your mod groups
name here. I must admit that I really dont keep up on the mod packs as
much as I would like to. Firm was pretty much the first big mod group not
including Acidic. Although Firm only does RG mods, they still pretty much
set the standard for the rest of us. I, myself, had never actually seen a
Firm pack when I got the idea to start illness with Undertaker, but I had
heard about them and I had heard how talented they were. So Id like to
give my congratulations to Firm on being one of the very best and longest-
standing mod groups around.
I also must say I have a lot of respect for Cream. They released their
first pack the same month that we released ours and now many people are
saying that they will soon be the best. Well, I wont comment on who is
the best, but from what I have seen, they certainly have a lot of talent
and, probably more importantly, a heck of a lot of potential. So hats off
to Cream for becoming such a dominant force in the mod scene so quickly.
As to the rest of the groups that I havent directly mentioned, Id like to
commend you too. It really annoys me when some people talk about how all
the small groups suck and should just go away and die. Well I couldnt
disagree more. I think the more groups the merrier. I have to have respect
for any group that can release even one well-organized pack. Many times
small groups become big groups as you have seen with Union. Small groups
also are where talented people get their start. I would just hope that
none of you would get discouraged and decide to trash your group, but work
at building it up and getting a good reputation for yourselves.
I just want to finish by saying that Illness is not here to compete with
all the other mod groups so we can be the best. I got the idea to start it
because I saw how much talent Acidic had, but most of the members were too
busy to contribute their best mods to the group. Obviously, that doesnt
go for all the members. Anyways, I wanted to start a mod group that would
release a better quality of Obv/2 and RG mods. Mostly we just zip up the
mods we make for our own boards and release those because most sysops put
their best effort into modding their own board. Well I think Illness has been
a successful venture. We are growing well beyond what Undertaker and I had
ever imagined. And Id like to thank Undertaker, Uprising, Lord Jazz, Dr.
Hate, and all of the modders that contribute so much of their time and effort
to Illness.
-sir lancelot