vital / illness merge
It was announced 10:30 April 13th that Vital Rg Emag / Illness Modding would
merge into 1 group. The Vital Emag will still be released in inside the
Illness packs, starting with 05/95. The 04/95 emag will be released by itself
soon hopefully. We are keeping these members:
mr. popeil renegade support, coding, sysop
cheese dip renegade support, coding, sysop
sabeth coding
deathbringer renegade support, coding, sysop
denizen renegade support, sysop
And these distro sites:
shock of the hour 510531-5067 denizen world headquarters
psycho city 510797-0525 veks western outpost
digital cesspool 510803-1915 cheese dip distro site
incredible invention 510820-1869 mr. popeil distro site
dark genesis 510724-2321 knight*time distro site
the deathland 510277-0497 deathbringer distro site
which are all now illness member boards. If you your name does not appear here
and you still want to be in, please email Cheese Dip at or
on the Digital Cesspool 510803-1915, or Incredible Invention 510820-1869.
If you hae not yet seen the first release 03/95 of vital, /msg cdill on irc
or you can get it from any of the sites listed above.
-Cheese Dip.vital founder