,S l, ,S
lb , S, l
g lb , lb ,
, g ,SSg S,
l S , @
bg ,, gg
,.d .-----. .-----.,d9
l . K: e A:
g I:---- ---------- : g
i want you to get up now, i want all of
. you to get out of your chairs, i want
you to get to the window, open it s
tick your head out and yell im as
mad as hell and in not going
to take this anymore
deltanine presents a collycalled, ,, ascii colly, dang...
x Ikea logo y
: i :::: k :::: e :::: a :
x clab bsa y
c / l / a / / n /
z d9
b / s / a /
z x
x slUt y
/ / I .d9
/ /.I .::..............:
.........I .::..............:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:..............: ::. just another expensive whore .:
shes a whore yeah... YEAH!!
Once and again i managed to try if the ol ascii skills still was working, thou
its bin atleast 2-3 years since my last release. Alot of new kids are going
strong in the scene, but somehow i miss the old pwa ansis in the lastcaller
or even rns och tranks kickin asciis in a oneliner. When the multi node modem
bbs scene died would your ever like to sycronise the board with a couple of
other boards all night at a massive cost just to get the fido-net connection
to stay online again? the internet scene grew stronger, fileid.diz and nfos
for the all stronger growing courier groups, nfos and site adds for t3 sites
more or less became all you ever saw of the scene, no 80+ lines ansi logins
or major screen conferences listings, well lets not underestimate the amiga-x
and telnet scene that managed to lurk around and stay strong for another
couple of years. I think its great that the now old geezers wanted to start
another great swedish art group, ikea. Old Geezers? the old scene? retro?
well isnt it insane to call something thats not older then your tv set,
almost brand new stereo, or even your own little daughter old, and nostalgic?,
pretty ironic isnt it?. thanks for your time.
deltanine delta9@swe.net www.delta9.swe.net