O C T O B E R 1 9 9 9
1. Greetings from the iCE crew. Due to abnormally low temperatures and
automatic hibernation systems in place, the iCE Pack is significantly late
this month. This is due to a moving catastrophe for our Internet server and
the lack of a group-centric FTP site for collecting pack artwork. The
temporary loss of our systems has caused major problems for us, but we
expect to be back on track for 12/1/99.
2. To quote Mass Delusion from last months info file: because were not
slackers, iCE will be releasing an on-time November pack... Some will say,
Dudes!@ You werent even close to on-time this month! You lied! This is
not true. Why? Because this is the October pack. Next month, iCE will release
the November pack on-time, really!, even though it will be the first of
December. Why? Way back in 1991, Force Ten suffered brain damage in a snow
mobile accident and lost the ability accurately report times, dates, and when
he needed his diaper changed. Fearing a backlash from the retarded community,
iCE has kept with the inaccurate date reporting set by Force Ten.
3. As part of the server catastrophe, was reamed silly. Lord
Soth has done an excellent job of patching things up and the functionality
is quickly coming back. The Ansi interface was mostly destroyed and will be
rebuilt in time along with the other interfaces that have been in the work
once the site is put together again. Think Humpty Dumpty.
4. As a reminder, applying to iCE is as simple as mailing with
a sample of your best work 5 piece minimum and a letter explaining yourself,
your ambitions, and how much you will pay Fluor to draw you a naked chick ANSI.
5. Thanks for bearing with us we look forward to celebrating our holiday
season with two more iCE Packs just in time for the end of the world. Mass
Delusion will be providing live coverage for iCE from Las Vegas as the ATMs
fail and the aliens begin assimilation.
6. Any questions regarding the lack of art in this pack should be directed to
Sinned Soul on iCE on EFnet. We HAD a meg of ANSI, and 20 megs of VGA. But
Sinned Soul thought it would be cool to delete it all and see if we learned
our lesson about backing up data. We didnt. Go to hell Sinned Soul!
-Mass Delusion Trip, iCE Staff