F E B R U R U R U A R Y 1 9 9 8
1. Egoteq hit the nail on the head this month with his hirez piece,
iCE V2: Ready To Fly. We couldnt have said it more accurately! With our
server back online and a backup mirror being implemented now, iCE V2 is winding
down into its final stages. Some text re-writes, a few graphics here and there
and the implementation of the last couple of interfaces and its go time!
2. Great member news this month! Recently added member BMXMEN is already
making big waves he is working on the 3D portion of a new Red Man video for
MTV. You can check out his work this month in the vga portion of the iCE Pack.
DaVinci was chosen as a winner in Adobes Give The President A New Haircut
competition. Making the CEO of Adobe look just a little more punk proved to be
too much for the judges to ignore. And in the New Member Kicking Asstm
department, last-month inductee Funbaby was seen tearing it up when his image
was chosen as a MetaCreations Image Of The Day. Not just any monkey can be
chosen for something like that, it takes an iCEMonkey C Darkmage !
3. Three comes before four. *applause*
4. About this time in the newsletter, we like to tell everyone who joined and
who quit and who we had to neuter a second time. However, we dont feel like
doing that quite yet.
4. We have heard your requests! Yes, the whining and bitching has finally
pierced our sound-proofed ear plugs and we can now hear you shrill and clear
saying smaller packs. We realize that the 30 second difference between 4.5mb
instead of 4.0mb is time sorely torn away from special wacky time, and were
making inroads to accomodate you, the viewer. The iCE staff will be using a
complicated formula to ensure that iCE high-resolution pieces are optimized for
downloading, and heaven forbid, not viewing.
5. Inazone said that FOS 13 will be inspired by a recent experience involving
women of large caliber, social gatherings, and hormone-enraged females yelling
obscenities regarding sexual intercourse. Sick, just sick.
6. Still not in the mood to share that information...
7. Man, some months youre just not funny. I think Seinfeld had that problem.
8. Frequently.
9. While were laying in bed at night, trying to get some rest, we often hear
the delighted and joyful screams of esctacy as Senior Staff Sinned Sould views
another ass-kicking iCE Pack. Many of these throes of passion are because of
our VGA crew placing those pixels in oh-so provocative manners. Perhaps you
too wake people at night with your screams? Would you like to instill this
same effect in others? Jamie McCarter wants to make that a reality with a new
series of 3D tutorials. Want to learn how iCE guys do some of their stuff?
Just email and well do our best to lose it!
10. iCE is proud to announce this month that we have a NEW drawing program! It
is almost ready for release and is VERY close to being made public. It will
support all the popular formats xbin/adf/idf/bin and will include ANSImation
support in a later release! We also took into account that since the Linux
Penguin is slowly taking over the world, we should support Linux. And so it
will be.
11. Did we say lose it? Ha Ha Ha! That was a typo. We would never lose
anything. Ever. And we guarantee customer satisfaction with a 24 hour
turnaround on everything staff-related, dont we?
12. Apparently there was an isolated incident involving the National Org.
of Women and a delivery of Swank magazine to a local bookstore in New Jersey.
The resulting riot killed the power in a localized area where our
server is located. By the time they ran out of food and automatic weapon ammo,
5 days had gone by. We have ousted the opposition and returned power to little
13. If your kindergarten reasoning skills should ever cause you to see magnets
with Xs through them, for Gods sake, dont think that means de-magnetizing
-Mass 50.1 + 50.9 100.0, duh! Delusion // iCE Senior Staff
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth