J A N U A R Y 1 9 9 9
1. Well, another month, another four disks. While most people are playing that
Prince song, the iCE crew seems to be humming Cant Hold Me Down made famous
again by that ravishing Puff Daddy. Many people spent the first month of the
new year by preparing for Y2k mainly purchasing assault rifles but we spent
it by creating some stunning eye candy and putting together another timely,
quality release.
2. After satisfying his rite of passage by trekking the forbidden lava walk of
Hippahippamulango, Bmxmen was brought on the ship this month for his great 3D,
his close relationship with Epoch, and for getting one of his models placed
on SoftImages Industrial art gallery. Not bad! Also this month new to the
crew was Funbaby. And dont think they call him that for nothing! We finished
a comeback this month with the release of a Black Guard RIP, and Cooly, our
favorite AK-47-toting Israeli grunt has returned from the grips of military
service to do some drawing. If you remember Sober, you probably remember that
incredible hirez of the Violator he released a few years back - well he sent a
buddy to us and his name is Shade. He does some great freehand work that will
tantalize and titilate.
3. Unable to comprehend the meaning of life, Hfaze took one step closer to
immortality when an artist on Moonshine Music released a CD using his font on
the cover! If you remember, Hfaze released several truetype fonts in iCE packs
last year. Just think, using V2, you can search for *.ttf and find them all in
a single search!
4. iCECON: East is about to take place! Most people would consider this an
internal issue, but we like to think that everyone cares what we do, so heres
the skinny! February 5th, in NYC, iCE is meeting and going barhopping. That
means you should be 21 or older, and bring cash to buy us all drinks for the
chance to bask in our artistic haze. Reported to set foot on the NYC scene
will be west-coasters Mass Delusion and Xten, east-coast-haunters Force Ten,
Aneurysm, Cold and Ugly, Epoch, new member Bmxmen, Egghead, and whoever else
decides to engage in craziness for a night. According to sources close to the
iCE team, there will be several marriages between iCE members and the nearest
sturdy bar stool.
5. When Senior Staff Sinned Soul decided to quit this month, most of the staff
left with him to create a new group called Dnegel. Suddenly, it was as if a
moment of clarity settled upon these leaders and then common sense set in. We
realized that there wasnt anything anyone could do to top the goat-sex-having,
insider-stock-trading, ultraHLE-playing, eye-candy-creating commonwealth of
independent artists that we like to call iCE. Scurrying like a pack of rats
headed for higher ground on the Titanic, we rejoined iCE and took power, then
renamed the group iCE: The iCE Cream Experience.
6. Mongi says: look at, the one-stop hirez shop!
7. As part of our effort to divest some of our holdings and expand our
portfolio, iCE Incorporated sold off its majority ownership of Disney and its
subsidaries including ESPN, the Go Network, ABC, and others. For more info,
consult our 10-Q form filed with the SEC.
8. This item intentionally left blank.
9. When time is up, put your pencil down, and stop writing.
10. Go to item 11, wait for the instructor to signal the start, and begin
answering the questions.
11. Will you accept being the official iCE sex slave? o True o False
12. According to a recent issue of Gutter, the iCE boys and girls were cleaning
up the charts. Tetanus ansi last month took the 1 and 2 spots. For the
same ansi! Vade 79 took top honors in the font section, and while he didnt
pull a tetanus, he did have backup from Count Zero, who took 2.
13. This concludes this issue of StaffBlabberingtm, but you can rest assured
knowing that next month, an equally informationless byte-filled text file
will be accompanying the best artwork in the world. In fact, I can estimate
with clock-like precision that you can get this file again in just 28 days from
now. Neat how we do that, isnt it?
-Mass For 50k, Do I need both kidneys? Delusion
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth