M A Y 1 9 9 8
1. Welcome to another crazy month on the insane Creators Enterprise Boat of
Love. With Slothy as your host, lets take a virtual tour of the upper deck.
Vlad pissboy Dev will be around to cater to your every need. Please notify
him if you feel seasick, dont like the food, or if Syntax Error has been
hitting on you again.
2. Recently jumping off the Boat of Love were longtime ice members Aphid Twix
and Digital Interface, as well as Fire From Heaven. All 3 of these guys will
be missed, and we wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors.
3. Most importantly this month, the largest iCE get-together so far occurred at
E3 in Atlanta, Georgia. A big ugly mob of iCE members, namely Lord Soth,
Roland, Farmicus, Friar Tuck, Syntax Error, Vesalius, and Greater Evil, and
ex-ACiD members The Cardinal and Der Schatten all met and partied together.
Some low/highlights will now be repeated, with the most incriminating facts
removed to protect the guilty.
100mph+ car rides down the freeway MIGHT have occurred, as well as dull cops
who didnt manage to get the offending individuals. Additionally, there is a
poor old lady in Atlanta who almost didnt get home to make her grandchildren
some tasty walnut muffins due to the expert driving of yet another iCE member.
At E3, Syntax Error and Vesalius brandished their Press passes to hob-knob with
the whos who of the gaming industry. Lots of free things were collected by
the others, and MANY gorgeous models were thoroughly ogled.
A certain iCE member whom we all know and love didnt do so well in the
drinking games one night, and ended up spectacularly puking out the side of a
rental car going 75mph down the freeway on the way to E3. We discovered much
to our dismay that women in the Atlanta area arent turned on by a man who
pukes on his friends car. Their loss.
One night, the whole gang went out to dinner to celebrate Syntax Errors
birthday. We end up parading through downtown Atlanta with a bottle of
Summers Eve held aloft for all to bathe in its glory, finally stopping to hang
out at a bar until they closed and kicked us out.
E3 was definitely one of the best times that iCE Members have ever had! Were
looking forward to future years of E3 and other iCE get-togethers!
4. Congrats to Vesalius and Syntax Error for becoming doctors! Dr. Error and
Dr. lius, were very proud of you guys! In the smoking lounge of the Boat of
Love were showing the videos of their ceremony followed by Rainmakers Bris.
5. Down on the freight deck, iCErs are furiously throwing coal into the roaring
iCE Furnacetm. iCE T-Shirts are on their way, the new website V2 is
drawing closer, and Retrocade should be releasing its first public beta any
day now Admittedly, many ice members were busy off
with their normal lives this month, but every now and then you have to stand
up, stretch, and go buy groceries, now dontcha?
6. Till next month, ladies and fellas. Well keep working, you just relax
now. Thanks for sailing iCE Nuthouse Airlinestm!
- Slothy
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion