A P R I L 1 9 9 8
1. Since most college kids are struggling with finals about this time, were
doing the Info in a new, angry tone so as to display our aggrivation and
overall unhappiness. Stop reading if youre a big wussy soccer boy or
something. Since youre not a big wussy soccer boy, Ill let you in on the
secret. In an ethical protest against morality, well be kind on all the
odd-numbered items in the NFO this month.
2. Nobody left the group, damnit. Dont ask anymore or well tear out your
tongue and beat you with it.
3. A new vga guy, called just ae, joined. Check out his 3d art at Aes helping out on all sorts of neat back
room plans, and he makes a great martini and can gamble with the best of us
but for some reason he always seems to lose at strip poker... not sure why.
Also joining us this month is Dreamchild, known as Bay on the wacky, crazy
world of IRC. Bay is helping out on some projects that were working on. Its
not true that he finds carrot peelers sexually stimulating.
4. Go study, you asshole. Leave me the hell alone. And close the damn door!
5. Can I have a hug? If you want to give me a hug, email me at
and tell me that Im a very special person. Yay! Happiness forever! Yup, he
IS a queeroid. -FT
6. I hate you. I hate everything you represent, wear, eat, think about, do,
want, give away, smell like, look at, look like, surround yourself with, and
choose on an automated service telephone line.
7. ANSI ARTISTS! Inazone, Count Zer0, and Kadaver are all kicking off a major
new initiative to get the ansi dept back cold kicking it. If you think youre
good enough to carry the iCE name on your work, you can apply by emailing with a portfolio of your work and a little bit about yourself.
Also note that Count Zer0 will be sharing the duties of ANSI Coordinator with
Kadaver from now on. Congrats!
8. Why the hell do you have to look at me like that? Dont you trust me?? I
am not on drugs. Screw you and your values. I dont care about your feelings.
Its all a bunch of tree-huggin hippie crap anyway. Turdthrower.
9. Go view the art! Try spending at least a minute looking at each picture,
and maybe give a section that you normally dont spend much t ime on some extra
attention this month. You might find yourself enjoying new styles of art,
scary as that may be for some of you :
- Slothy and Force Ten
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion