S E P T E M B E R 1 9 9 7
1. Welcome aboard the ongoing train of excellence known as the iCEPACK. A
month after celebrating with an artscene record breaking 5th Anniversary pack,
the iCEPACK returns to its normal course this month, delivering quality artwork
for all to enjoy.
2. The iCE oldschool barrage continues this month as seminal iCE VGA superstar
Eight Ball makes his return to the group with a new VGA this month. Check out
the oldschool style from years gone. More next month!
3. iCE members Dev, Aneurysm, and Mass Delusion were partying last month in
celebration of the super iCEPACK. Mass Delusion brought the beer, and Aneurysm
the herb. The night was going along just fine until Dev had a bong hit too
many. Aneurysm, noticing the overly inebriated inventor of frozen delivery,
pointed out that the girl across the street had the Juggs he was looking for.
Dev decided that this was his big moment, and ran across the street. About
an hour of kissing and fondling ensued, until Anny and MassD crossed the street
and forcibly scraped lil Dev off the signpost.
4. The iCE Department for Abduction and Other Criminal Activity kidnapped
Mr4tune and locked him up in the ANSI department this month. The group bids
him a great welcome and looks forward to seeing his work soon! Our top-secret
agents have also scooped up Taron and Christian Haley for the VGA department
department. Welcome to all!
5. The iCE Chief Warden reports that nobody escaped the confines of the evil
empire this month, however six people jumped from the third floor, four people
made license plates, three people copulated with small farm animals, two
people feigned ignorance, and one person went legally insane.
6. In the Whats New With iCE Artists department, iCEs newest VGA member
Christian Haley just won the 1997 Fractal Design / Meta Creations art contest!
His winning entry was entitled Need to Choose. Christian said, I am so
surprised and thrilled to be a winner. I have only been a digital artist for
about 2 years. I found Painter to be the perfect medium to carry out my
surrealistic imagery. Congratulations, Christian! But, we arent surprised
at all! :
* To find out more see *
7. Information Systems Director Lickbert returns this month with a fresh new
attitude, and beat the living crap out of Corpcow. He reports that Sanctuary
will be delayed in its grand re- opening, as Tempus and the Stepsons are taking
their time building the city. Lickbert also reports that now has
a more complete archive of packs from groups that have merged into iCE. Check
it out today! will also be down for another month due to the new
X-Net IRC daemon that is having some compatibility issues with our server. It
will be back as soon as those details are ironed out.
8. As a personal aside, September 1997 marks my own Fifth Anniversary as a
member of iCE. I Force Ten, if you didnt know already am really proud to be
a part of such a great organization for so long. Thanks and greets to everyone
that Ive had the pleasure of working with in this group, and I look forward to
another five great years!
9. A great month to continue our celebration. Once again the group has shown
that we never say die. Congratulations again for the 60th pack, and congrats
on a super 61st. Heres to the future...
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion