A P R I L 1 9 9 7
1. April showers abound this month. Nice pretty pictures for our loyal fans
in the insane asylums of the world to gawk at in primordial awe. We hope we
dont disappoint! Ever see one of those nuts wield a fork?
2. Evil human resources director Catbert reports that Epoch has become a new
slave of the evil iCE VGA empire, and Kitiara and Inazone have been assimilated
into the dark and cold iCE ANSI empire. Resistance was futile. Once again,
nobody has escaped the cold frigid grip of the freezer network.
3. Information Systems director Lickbert submitted a report using blue crayons
which states that iCE.ORG will also be beefing up hardware in efforts to better
support the minions of fans. An official announcement will be made once we
convince him to use a real writing implement.
4. Animal up and joined the Israeli army, and seems to have temporarily gone
AWOL from the CryoTroops who guard the iCE citadels. He tends to go into fits
when he sees arabs, were told.
5. Former Senior Staffer and current bookworm cum alcoholic Lord Soth has been
found floating in the Virginia Tech University olympic-sized swimming pool,
muttering things about Sprite. Sprite, who declined all other requests for
interviews, told iCE Central Command Big Brother Is Watching You that it was
probably the fact that she ran out of regular alcohol in her tattoo parlor, and
gave good ol Slothy a tattoo using lots of vodka. He DID pass calculus, too!
6. The leaders of iCE would like to dispel any heinous rumours circulating the
art world claiming that iCE is a group of evil frozen artists who are bent on
world domination. While we do agree that we dont necessarily relish the title
of underdog, we feel that, while we do have dungeons and CryoTroops, overall
were a swell group of chums. Really.
7. A big belated congratulations and cigars abound go out to iCE VGA psychotic
Vesalius, who celebrated the birth of his daughter Cameron on March 15. iCEs
newest family member weighed in at 8lb 13oz. Mom, baby, and Vesalius are all
adjusting to their new lives quite nicely!
8. Another month of high-quality pixel laden goodness to give everyone a gooey
feeling inside. They say April showers bring May flowers -- so look out for
next month! I love this group!
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion