J A N U A R Y 1 9 9 7
1. Happy New Year!! We hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful first month and
are having so-far a great 1997! We at iCE celebrated the new year in fine
fashion, getting drunk at the hidden iCE castle, Rivendell old-school scene
2. We at iCE are happy to announce yet another promotion from within our ranks
this month. Now assisting BoA on the Advisory Council is Tetanus, our longtime
ANSI artist. Congratulations, Tet!
3. We also would like to announce a demotion. Sadly, for many undisclosable
reasons, we hereby demote Lord Soth to Trial Courier. We wish him luck in his
new position.
4. THIS JUST IN: The first-ever iCE baby was born at the very very end of the
month! G. Washington and his wife are the proud parents of a new bouncing baby
boy! Congratulations to them both, and good luck raising iCEs future prodigy!
5. Its been discovered that Friar Tuck has joined the circus, along with ANSI
head Lemonade. It would appear that they are a two-man floppy disk juggling
act. When asked about it, they said Well, with computers becoming mainstream,
it only makes sense that the circus would adapt! Tuck added Its always been
my lifelong dream to be in the circus! Hmm.
6. Joining the intrepid crew this month were Shadow in the ANSI department and
Tiny3d in the VGA department. Both knocked our socks off and made Friar drop
a floppy disk with their applications, so look for their work in the packs!
7. Heading for the hills last month was Eporue. We wish him luck in his future
endeavors within and outside of the art scene.
8. Trip led a small iCE gang consisting of Mass Delusion, Joker, Kabal 13, and
Corpcow into a well-fortified village controlled by a terrorist group. They
destroyed the village using automatic machine guns, firebombs, grenades, and a
secret weapon that Kabal for some reason seems embarassed to disclose. Each
received medals of honor from the President, who offered to give each of them
one of his women for the night. Being upstanding citizens, they all declined.
Except for Mass Delusion. We STILL havent seen him!
9. The Rumour Mill: Some new exciting custom-coded applications will be coming
from the coding staff in the next few months. Plus, some new public design work
is rumoured to be underway. More here later.
10. A quiet month,but a spectacular month. Kudos go out to the entire team once
again. The first month of what will be a great year for the iCE team. Keep up
the great work!
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion