1. Whoo hoo... Its been a busy month, although a number of people took some
well-deserved time off for their families, grandparents, friends, part-
time lovers, random homeless people on the street, aging men who shine
shoes in local airports, and assorted farm animals. All in all it was an
emotionally climacic month and were still sobering up and trying to
scrub all the guilt marks off ourselves.
2. First on the agenda is the member update. Catbones was swept away by a
giant teddy-bear that sang Kwanzaa carols and fed on gummi worms. He
later rejoined ACiD in an unprecedented move to corner the orange juice
market along with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.
2.5 We would like to welcome back Veks, the graffiti-type font stud from the
West Coast. Also, new this month is Misfit, a talented ansi artist who
joins us from ACiD. Its great to have both of you with us :
3. This month saw a rare promotion. Lemonade now joins Toon Goon as Ansi
Coordinator. We cant wait to see how far iCE will go under the caring
loving touches of everyones favorite sour beverage. Knock back another
to a successful future!
4. This month saw the first print advertisement for iCEtm. In LOGON
magazine appears a vga of the Daffy Duck iCE ansi by Lemonade, MM, and
Lord Soth, with the famous iCE font by Pnakotic, as well as the usual
information on how to get in contact with us. For subscription
information for LOGON magazine, call 1-800-585-9846. The magazine covers
mostly BBS topics, but also plans on covering the art scene, the web,
and other net-related topics.
5. Mascots MS-TCP.JPG is his cover from The Computer Paper magazine, which
we mentioned last month. Congrats on the well-deserved publicity Mascot,
I hope the magazine is on your mantle right next to your other trophies,
awards, and sexual apparatus.
6. Hannibal has been in Tibet for the past few months, meditating, waiting
for buddha. Just thought you should know.
7. iCE heartily supports everyone changing their names to unpronouncable
symbols which are all pronounced little bikkhu.
7.5 mmmmmmm... beer.
8. Smash!, the Australian demogroup of which Squidgalator is a member,
finally released their megademo, entitled Awakening. You can pick it up
on /demos/alpha/1995/s/ This marks Slothys
second demo greet, something which makes him proud : We would also like
to encourage everyone who will be attending the upcoming Australian
democompo to vote for the Heretics demo, which is SQ2s current active
demogroup, as Awakening marked the end of Smash.
9. The following statement is true.
10. The preceding statement is false.
11. The Party 95 was held from December 27th to the 29th. Regardless of the
already-surfacing Party 95 voting problems with Lizardking nabbing last
place on the 4 channel music compo, Necros was placed 7th, and Mellow-D
took a suspicious 18th place in the multichannel music compo. Regardless,
they are really some amazing tunes, and we recommend you hunt them down
and give them a listen. At the time of pack release, Mellow-D has not
released his song yet, so the filename is unknown.
Necros -- /demos/incoming/TP95/mmul/
Mellow-D -- come guilt
12. Hi scott! Hi greg!
12.5 Doh!
13. We would like to apologize to Magnetic M for an act of the mighty allah
that caused the MM-FERRE.ICE to be released lacking the final few bytes.
To get the whole ansi, please feel free to email and
he will gladly email it to you.
14. Golden Image went down, but sadly we are NOT currently accepting
applications for the new European HQ. Please do not send European
Headquarters requests/applications, as they will be promptly ignored.
15. The pack this month was created on a computer belonging to CyberChrist
of SWAT and Der Schatten formerly of ACiD couriering. They threatened
Friar Tucks life if a greet was not added for them. So, heres the
greet. Thanks, dudes, I nuked your warez directory.
16. As we enter into 1996, we hope you all had a great New Years and other
respective religious holidays. Well do our best to make sure iCE doesnt
stop improving, both on the viewers end as well as making it better for
everyone involved. Heres to a future that is brighter than we can even
Your iCE Representatives, Frere Jacques, Syntie, Slothy, and Forcie.