1. Once upon a time, there was a little
ferret who ran around happily in the frozen wasteland.
Nibbles the ferret enjoyed . .hopping, bopping, and playing.
Until one day, when the big bad NetSplit came and threatened to eat her up!
Whats a poor little ferret to do? So Nibbles called her good friends and
cohorts Force Ten, Friar Tuck, and Mass Delusion to set her up with new tcl
scripts. And they all lived happily ever after in
1.Oh boy. If you havent already noticed, Ive lost it.
2. Wow October is a slow month...
3. Viper was removed from the active memberlist because he moved to Jupiter on
a bicycle built for two.
Also Split decided Motion is the group for him, although not because of the
apology listed below. Sorry to see ya leave, cornholio.
4. On a more serious note, iCE would like to extend a warm welcome to a few
new cohorts in artistic representation. uh, thats like, doodleboys
and stuff -BH yeah! m m heh heh m -B They are: Visigoth, VGA Studmuffin,
Devine Styler, ANSI Starlet, and The Green Hornet, ANSI Insect and overall
super guy. Yep. Thats as serious as it gets when I do the .NFO file,
5. Lemonade has shocked the United States by introducing a new line of
freshly squeezed ANSI juices. The juices are advertised with the slogan
OJ will kill you, drink some nice cool Lemonade!
6. Mass Delusion failed another midterm and has been demoted to Trial Courier.
He will report to Lord Soth, who is the Senior Trial Courier. Force Ten has
been appointed Administrative Head to the Chief Trial Courier Assistant,
who was not available for questioning.
7. Site News! in /othergroups/ice is one site that holds
our packs! New packs can be found in the /incoming directory. Our world
wide web page is still under construction at Speaking
of which, our very own domain is evolving as we speak! E-mail us
with a hello to! More news to come... stay tuned.
8. Id like to encourage everyone to check out the rad Freedom Intro with
graphics by our very own XTen! Its better than audio tapes of Friar Tuck
winning the Alfred University Belching Competition. Go Xten! Get this on at /demos/hornet/freedom/
9. There is no number nine. I dont like this number. Actually, I dont
really mind it, but since this is my first .NFO in a long time, I wanted
to do something interesting to make people think. Bet youre thinking.
Bet youre thinking about number ten huh? What if I told you there isnt
a number ten either? Heh Heh Heh. Ooooooooooohhhh Baby. You know, now
that I think about it, I like the number nine. Why? Because the lead
singer of Love Batterys name is Ron Nine, and I think theyre kind of
rad. So there, I guess there is a nine. A pseudonine. Dont use that as
your handle. Its like, mine. And dont use my real name on a conference.
If you know what that means, youre oldskewl. Hi.
10. This spot is reserved in memory of Shannon Hoon.
10.Hi Jonn. High Ben. Hi Defect.
11. iCEs Canadian Headquarters, The Twisted Tower, has been attacked by large
armies of satanic lemmings. The lemmings fought nobly and overtook the
walls of the great Tower, which is now completely run by the lemmings. The
lemmings dont know much about modems though, so they sacrificed them all
to the God of spoons and forks with blotchy complexions in purple egotism.
Sadly, we must bid The Twisted Tower good-bye. iCE is not accepting
applications for a replacement at this time.
12.I needed somewhere to apologize, so Ill squeeze them in here, between 12
and 14. First I want to apologize to Supreme for leaving him out of the
memberlist accidentally. Then I want to apologize to Hellrazor for leaving
him out of the memberlist AND forgetting to mention that he joined in the
NFO. Finally I want to apologize to Splint and Surreal Logic. After
forgetting to release the US-VIT1.ICE ansi 2 months ago, I released it
last month, although I forgot to change the font to VOTB. This is what
Id call an unlucky ansi, and a BAD month for me. So although Splint
refused a free ansi, I did one for Surreal Logic, since he got screwed out
of an ansi. Hey, were not perfect here in the iCE Pastures, but when I
find that I make a mistake it really hurts, and I dont expect others to
suffer from my mistakes. So SL, my most sincere apologies, enjoy the
ansi :. Splint, I still owe you for putting up with me. -Slothy
14. Just to beat a dead horse because were good for that, I wanted to point
out that iCE has a permanent voice mail request and information hotline.
The number is 1-800-221-5089, box 8iCE 8423. This service is available
toll free, 24/7, from all of the USA and Canada. PS: Its Slothys
cheese-E voice on it. Its not mine. I had nothing to do with it.
Heres our rad P.O. Box for mailings, postal bombs, and chain letters
dont forget by-mail requests with checks in US Funds too!:
iCE Advertisements
P.O. Box 11233
Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA
Attn: Turnip Department
Note that the last line of the address is optional.
15. And with that, I bid thee farewell until next time. If there is one.
Someone from another art group mentioned something about almost dying.
Or was that the group? I dunno. Whatever.
Uh, like, bye!
-Force Ten-
1-800-221-5089 Box: 7058
-Lord Soth-
1-800-340-6245 Box: 4,000,001:
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