Nation Who???????
Maestro who????????
Asshole with a crappy group who?????
Hey Scoob! Want a Scooby-Snack
/ and a ice big bowl packer w/
kind buds?!?
Shaggy iCE from the Old School of ANSi.
Fuck dat new style, back to da Old Skewl
Rise rules
Hi jon, inky, paul, jonn, jason, steve,
marc, scott, gregg, tim, fred, ted,
sin-evil, amy, jessica, mai, jenny, gwen,
katie, ed, chris, danny, etc. :
dd is the woman!!
jenny inky is
rules neat-o
lithium is my bud
wow a shadded ansi.. neat-o keen-o.. sdomeone pay me more moeny. i dont get
Trips majke the worl go rounmd
i cant type well when i cant
Sysop: Dragon see wwhat im typeing
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ANSi by: Shaggy iCE Showing them how it WAS, and STILL IS done. :
Face it i rule, you dont, now go die or something :.. -ben