O C T O B E R 2 0 0 0
1. Another month, another absolutely hizouse r0xin pack. Congrats to everyone
in iCE for the stunning pack this month. This group kicks ass.
2. We did a bit of a house cleaning in the active memberlist this month. Again,
the point of the active memberlist is only to list the members who are
drumroll please... currently active. Members who go inactive are still
members of iCE, and only need to release something to be listed once again.
3. Welcome Jack Moffitt to iCE! Jack is the VP of Technology for iCast and is
the author of the icecast music streaming software. Jack is the donor for
the heart transplant which we hope will bring the iCE Music division
back from a very long coma. We expect that Jack will On that note, wed i
like to announce a few new musicians in iCE.
4a. Valtone, aka Purple Motion, joined iCE to be a part of our music division. is where you can find his company web page.
Jonne needs no introduction to any demoscene fans, but for those who arent
familiar with Jonnes work or the demo group Future Crew, you can find
samples of his music at the aforementioned web site.
4b. Also on board, Basehead is back with iCE to be a part of the music
division. Basehead has done music for Origin games as well as Epic
Megagames, including music for Unreal and Unreal Tournament.
4c. Finally, Necros is also part of the iCE Music division resurgance.
Necros has also done music for Origin, on the game Crusader. Necross
music can be found nowadays on the web site
5. Of course, iCE is always looking for new artists and musicians, so if you
want to apply, send an email to and tell us about yourself.
Include a few samples of your work, or a URL to a web page that has the
6. You can see some of Jamie McCarters handiwork in the 3D Imax film called
Cyberworld. You can find the web site for this first-ever 3d animated
film at Jamie worked on the cut-scenes
between clips. See for theater locations.
7. Since we seem to have only delivered timely, relevant information and a
really solid pack of artwork, we hope youve also noticed that something
is seriously wrong here. Conspiracy theories to
- Slothy and Mass Delusion
Lord Soth Mass Delusion