A U G U S T 2 0 0 0
1. Welcome to another iCE pack! This month, we took extra time to fill this
pack with an extra serving of LOVE! Can you feel our hugs? We love you! Your
respective deity loves you! Here, have a warm fuzzy, compliments of the house.
* -warm fuzzy
Unfortunately, the limitations of text newsletters make it impossible to show
just how warm that is. And fuzzy! How could we forget fuzzy? What were we
thinking?! All this time to point our that it is so warm and we totally forgot
fuzzy! You never give someone a warm. Yet we have totally failed to
illustrate the intense fuzzines. In essence, we have failed at our job of
keeping you, the ever-important reader, in full understanding of the news that
we, the lowly writers, are reporting. How is it that we can have a single job
and be so bad at doing it? We honestly feel like a patent office clerk at this
point. There is no excuse for the kind of piss-poor job we have done here.
2. We apologize for the last announcement. You see, nothing truly interesting
happened this month, and the announcer is a bit afraid for his job.
3. We take that back! Roland now has a v3.0 and a v4.0. Congratulations to
Roland for bringing two little rugrats into the world. With his new baby boy
and girl, it appears we have succeeded in our attempts to completely rob him
of ever sleeping again. Hooray for Roland!
4. Nobody joined the group, nobody left. But a bunch of previously inactive
artists assured us they are working on art again! Hooray for that!
5. Sinned Soul assured us that he would be returning to iCE Senior Staff as
soon as his rash clears up.
6. Following Hfazes initial iCE release of free true type fonts, Xten has come
out with a full set of pixel fonts. Check the flyer - his fonts can be grabbed
- Slothy and Massd
Lord Soth Mass Delusion