M A Y 2 0 0 0
1. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take 12 down, pass
em around, Slothys wasted and easy to take advantage of - 87 bottles of beer
on the wall, 87 bottles of beer...
2. Greetings countrymen, ladies, and romans - lend me your eyes for this is
the May installment of the iCEPack! Im excited to present some incredible art
this month, including some fantastic pieces from the prolific Root 88 and some
sock-knockers from recently initiated Darkhalo. Check out his Ecchi pic - that
girl needs your help! Poweronox, Necrofiliac, Roadkyll and Mongi round out a
sweet treat of art for the month!
3. The ItaliCEn division of iCE would like to remind you that we non-biasly
support both Romans AND non-Romans here in iCE. Even those without eyes.
4. This just in, Lord Soth AKA Slothy AKA Butterbutt also has art in this pack
but according to reports, hes horribly indecisive. He would appreciate your
feedback at
5. Inner Vision submitted his final ANSI this month, a stunning 43k piece with
help from Kitiara and Spear. While IV may think thats his last, we have ways
of making people draw around here. You dont stay around for more than a
decade by luck, do ya?!
6. For the record, no snide comments to the above joke should be attempted for
your own safety.
7. Since becoming a doctor recently, Vesalius has already been the defendant
in seven malpractice suits claiming severe fecal fascination and ogling eyes
while treating his female patients. We applaud such - err - what a sicko!
8. Well, its that time again *sniff* .. where we must part ways .. *sniff*
Luckily for you though, we have a shameless plug to insert here:
View over a decade of digital art searchable and online:
-Mass My brother broke my driver side window once Johnny... Once. Delusion
Mass Delusion Lord Soth