M A R C H 2 0 0 0
1. Taking a solid shot to our thick iCE fortress walls this month,
temperatures soared in most parts of the states - allowing outsiders to see
inside at all of the new art we have in progress. Our Canadian fortress was
however unscathed, as the temperature there is ALWAYS FRICKIN COLD.
2. The Knave was nominated this month for best flash interface at the Flash
Forward 2000 conference in San Francisco. His site was up against a number of
other Flash sites from around the world. While Knaves site was just edged out
in the voting, his exposure has garnered him offers to work with Fox Studios,
among others.
3. As times change, so does the face of iCE Senior Staff. Its a new
millennium and were allowing some of our hardest workers to move from the top
ranks of management into the senior citizens home - er, the plush,
all-expense-paid vacation called iCE Alumnus. Force Ten is taking a drive into
the distance for awhile and Cold and Ugly is working hard on becoming a doctor.
Just because Syntax Error was able to do it for all those years while HE was in
medical school however shouldnt dishearten good ole CnU. Afterall, we cant
all get gay with kids like Snax did. This leaves Mass Delusion and Lord Soth
to bear all of the love children to populate our little team.
4. While we were evaluating our management, we asked Microsoft trial Judge
Thomas Penfield Jackson to also do a finding of facts regarding iCE members.
Here is what he determined while spending just over 44.6 million of
taxpayers money:
* Syntax Error is very busy
* Vesalius has a fecal fetish
* Trip forgets things
* Darkmage needs his own pair of breasts to be satisfied
* Spacedev is good with stocks
* Knave is pretty good at Flash
* Mass Delusion mollests collies
In conclusion, we paid through the nose to learn things we already knew.
Thanks Attorney General, we appreciate your work!
5. After nine years of april fools packs and jokes, this year we decided to
fool you all once more by having our april fools pack in or NOT in, as the
case may be March. For those dedicated iCE followers who were met with
dysfunction and low blood sugar when realizing there would be no 02/00 March
iCE Pack - you may now breathe deeply and rejoice as the release of our 03/00
April pack also sees the release of our March pack. And to know some of you
thought we would be like ACiD and miss a pack. Shame on you!
6. Until next time we tantalize your tastebuds with candy for the eyes, keep
it tuned to iCE Radio. Ok, its not really radio. Yet.
-Mass Let me sell out, pleeeeease! Delusion
-Lord hey! Yours doesnt look ANYTHING like mine! Soth
Mass Delusion Lord Soth