--------------------One Day Last May at pointblank.com--------------------------Youre in Ellis Dees private channel.
Channel Topic: What should i call the board?
Ellis Dee and Berns are here with you.
Just enter ? if you need any assistance.
Berns: ask neo achos to tell you the leather story
berns who? neo nachos?
Directed to Berns
Berns to you: no blazer you fool, neo chaos
Ellis Dee to you: neo nachos bahaha
ell hey, that would would be an awesome name for the board, it ranks right up
there with polyester
Directed to Ellis Dee
Ellis Dee: Neo Nachos! thats great!
-----------------------------And so it was--------------------------------------
It has been established that my ansi
skills may be slightly inferior to
Youve never those of other members of iCE, or
seen a board members of other groups, or even some
like this chimpanzees. However, if Ellis Dee has
before. Me the guts to name his board The Neo
and Ellis Dee Nachos, i have the guts to show my ansi
Hes the Big skills to the world. Most parts of this
Boss with the ansi are several years old. Look, see
Special Sauce that U down there? It doesnt stand for
decided to The Neo Nachos. It stands for UAA, my
make every first group. Pretty nifty, huh? It
caller a co was made in the summer of 92. See that
on their hand to the left of this? It was
first call. originally all pink and had a needle
Due to this, coming out of it. Its real old too.
were a The arm holding the pole was one of my
member favorite ansis i ever did, i never got
board for to use it. This
pretty sign part over
much every here i just
group out whipped up on the
there. spot. And that fen
n e o h
-*- e
n a c h o s
bottom of the ansi
is pretty old too, i
forget what i used it
for originally. Oh,
the nacho font isnt a
TheDraw font, i just
whipped it up on the
spot. This is sorta
what ansi used to be like. Like check
out this shading. Its not some crappy
random shading like you
see everyone using
nowadays. Its
used to show
depth and
be 3-D,
sort of.
Notice i
dont use
or m0f0
in this
You see, being that im either.
a member of iCE although THATS
i got in for coding, old sc-
every ansi i do hool
automatically must rule. :
Therefore, even though
this ansi may appear to
suck, its just your
imagination. Im sorry,
but rules are rules.
With a name
like Neo Nacho,
it has to be good.
wires! :
I loved the
way they came out.
its nacho ordinary bbs.