The Cat's Cradle by Lord Soth
The Cat's Cradle by Lord Soth
The Cats Cradle
Sysop: Cat
Somewhere in 914
Pic: Lord Soth White font: TooN GooN
Copy of White Font in Red: Lord Soth
And now its time for Slothys list of quotes from IRC:
*Mellow-D* yeah.. I want to be eaten by a frog and go Snap! Cr
ackle! Pop!
tinyz slothy: dude, if you want me to card you someth
ing, i cant... it jus
not cost effective
stBlazer hey... ice now has a doctor, a friar, a sain
t, 2 lords, and 2
captains... :
B00MER:ansi ice will always rule over others... hate
to say it but its true.
Slothy I bet God would do well on the SATs
Slothy since he knows everything
Skitzo Ive only seen one Marshal Law ansi.. What gro
ups was he in?
argon i told the guy at sizzler that i was in iCE and
i got a 20 discount.
- Samuel L. Jackson is the greatest actor in the known world.-