A t a r i B l u e s 1this is a menu for my friend coolys bbs. if you guys dont like small ansis in artpacks, blow me. may as well stick some greets in here right? i sure have the room. 1 greet is to heather , i love ya.. you may have seen this once before this month : 0greets to magnetic m who rules, soi, nivenh, boomer, shaggy, stc, krux 0, aphex twin, tempus, ik, commands here rd, inky, slothy, 28, mca, m d, nttk, cheesy, nuke dawgie dawg, xten, mp, syntax, animal, cooly. th oats enough.. if you know me, you get a greet too. fuck you to people rwho think i suck, and non-ice lamers. reviewers suck. call coolys bb is, its the best in israel. i wont be doing alot of ansi in the future give gotten a life now. to find out more, refer to greet 1. maybe 1 ia month or so to appease those slave drivers in ice ss. : greets to npnakotic who i forgot earlier. ice kix. information society is cool.tg! awant an ansi?, forget it! ice-x is nice, eh? irc sucks. like my new lstyle? call my bbs. the best is yet to come... toon goon ice