return of the d00dle
The Badlands - 408-246-0281 - Sysop: Soultaker
Nexus Distribution - UiD/JaHoV Senior Board
Running Vision-X with 2 nodes
and 3+ Gigabytes
nEGRO!dOOWIt, ah-jUST d0OO iTt.
font by mca / ice:pim:prk
This font is going back
to das alte shule, cuz
this is an old school
board. And Im cool.
Greets to iCE, ACiD, Union
, Relic, KTS, UnderGrown, Th
e Beat Generation...
Props to Eerie, Darkness/Imphobia
, Basehead, Music Phreak, Soultaker
, M0.
my mom was a square! she wasnt a beat, a hippie or anything. she l
iked elvis!
-- eof -------------------------------------------------------